A Bloc is a group of countries that form together to work toward a common goal, whether economic, political, or otherwise. Most countries are in more than one bloc. Depending on current politics, some countries may drop out or abstain from participating in some blocs, while other countries simply remain as observers.

Blocs are unstructured and are allowed to form and grow on their own. This can be a turbulent process. A country must always keep its political stands and goals in its negotiations with other countries as it participates in bloc decisions. The view of a particular nation must always take precedence over a bloc’s views, unless the country feels it will receive some benefit from its continued adherence to a bloc’s views.

BLOC’s develop resolutions based on their respective committees purpose and shall remain together for the duration of the conference. The resolutions developed in these committees may be specific or broad in nature. BLOC’s operate under the Parliamentary Procedure Guidelines provided in the manual.

The following are the BLOCs: