The African Summit is a committee in which African nations join together to discuss critical continent-wide issues, as well as collaborate to foster development, improve infrastructure, and better living conditions in each delegate’s respective nation. The African Summit is home to passionate debate and innovative resolutions. African Summit delegates will find themselves part of a dynamic, tight-knit community with high participation rates and lots of MUN love.


  1. Disease Prevention
  2. Overpopulation
  3. Sustainable Agriculture

2019 AS Topic Descriptions


African Summit Sample Country Research Paper

Country Research Paper Sample Annotated

African Summit Matrix Cover Page

African Summit Matrix


Brian Hong

Hello everyone! I’m Brian Hong and I will be serving as the chair for the African Summit this year. I am a senior at Montgomery High School, and this is my 4th year in MUN!

One very interesting tradition we have here in the African Summit is our special committee dinner. On the Saturday night of conference, we all sit together and reflect on our experiences throughout the weekend and continue to bond as a committee.

My favorite MUN memory would definitely have to be writing my first character development award. I remember being so inspired by my fellow delegates, and it allowed me to enjoy the conference experience so much more.

Never fear speaking during a committee session! Everyone has their first MUN moment, and speaking may encourage other delegates to participate as well.

A few fun facts about me are: I love writing music, I love rollercoasters, and my favorite tropical fruit is the guava.

I’m looking forward to some thrilling debate here in the African Summit, and I’m so excited to meet you all at conference!