The Asia-Pacific Summit is a regional bloc comprised of only 31 countries from the region. Delegates will be able to interact in a small and familiar setting, while representing approximately 4 billion people living in member countries. With a little more than half of the entire global population living inside its borders, every topic debated by the Asian Summit thus comes attached with sweeping social, economic, and political consequences. Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific is no small feat, given the vast diversity of religions, cultures, and ethnicities packed into just one-quarter of the world’s total land mass. Our committee may be small, but you’ll still find a lot of spirit and camaraderie.

2018-2019  TOPICS

  1. Child Labor
  2. Clean Energy
  3. Rights of Indigenous Peoples

2018-2019 Asia-Pacific Summit Topic Descriptions


Asia-Pacific Summit Sample Country Research Paper

Asia-Pacific Summit Matrix Cover Page

Asia-Pacific Summit Matrix Child Labor

Asia-Pacific Summit Matrix Clean Energy

Asia-Pacific Summit Matrix Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Khushi Kanda

Hi guys! My name is Khushi Kanda and I will be serving as your Asian Pacific Summit chair for the 2019 conference. I’m currently a senior from the Marlboro High School delegation and this is my fourth year at MUN.

Because we’re a relatively small committee, we foster a very inclusive and open environment that caters to both nervous and excited delegates. We usually spend time getting to know each other, eating chocolate, debating, and bonding throughout the weekend. By the end of conference, we’ll all become a close-knit APAC family!

My favorite MUN memory would definitely have to be singing songs with my delegation on the ride to and from the conference and the final reflection that we give during committee.

Definitely take advantage of all conference has to offer you! This is your chance to become self-empowered and experience self-growth. Don’t hesitate to speak even if you’re scared! I promise that nobody will judge you! Moreover, the APAC delegates are always welcoming and kind and will appreciate anything you have to contribute to debate!

Two fun facts about me is that I’m tone deaf but it absolutely never stops me from jamming out and my favorite food are pickles!  

With that being said, APAC is definitely the best committee and I can’t wait to meet you all at conference!