The European Summit is united by common economic and political goals; the diverse cultural and social histories of each member nation makes addressing the committee’s topics both challenging and engaging. This committee includes all official member nations recognized by the group, as well as other regional trading partners that are included in the committee which allows for a more comprehensive and inclusive debate process.

2019-2020  TOPICS

  1. Weapon Security
  2. European Debt Crisis
  3. Migration Crisis

2019-2020 European Summit Topic Descriptions


European Summit Sample Country Research Paper

European Union Matrix Cover Page

European Union Country Matrix


What is your name, position, delegation, grade, and the number of years you’ve been in MUN?

Peter Parillo, chairman of European Summit, saint John Vianney high school, junior, 2 years.


What is the best thing about your committee?

The best thing about my committee is the personal connection you get from talking to one another.


What advice do you have for new delegates?

Don’t be afraid to speak. It’s an amazing experience and I promise they won’t regret it if they talk and engage.


What is your favorite MUN memory or experience?

Winning a debate against 5 other kids while I was on my own.


What other activities do you do?

Hockey, mock trial, Republican committee.


List some fun facts/icebreaker kind of information. Some examples are: Your favorite food, a country you would want to visit, tv shows you watch, type of music you listen to, etc.

Favorite good is pizza, I play ice hockey, I love Designated Survivor.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m so excited for this year!