The European Summit is united by common economic and political goals; the diverse cultural and social histories of each member nation makes addressing the committee’s topics both challenging and engaging. This committee includes all official member nations recognized by the group, as well as other regional trading partners who are included in the committee which allows for a more comprehensive and inclusive debate process.

2018-2019  TOPICS

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Human Trafficking
  3. Nuclear Security

2018-2019 European Summit Topics


European Summit Sample Country Research Paper

European Union Country Matrix Cover Page

European Union Country Matrix Renewable Energy

European Union Country Matrix Human Trafficking

European Union Country Matrix Nuclear Security


Luke Mizus

Hello everyone, I am Luke Mizus, a fourth year delegate from Westfield delegation.

The European Summit is by far the best committee in all of MUN because it has perfect number of delegates along with relevant and fascinating topics.

Going to the Conference on National Affairs last summer is easily my favorite MUN-related memory. It was a week that reminded me of all the best parts of MUN – from intense proposal debate to meeting new cool people from around the country.

My advice for delegates is to speak as much as possible. The only true way to get more comfortable speaking in front of larger audiences is through experience, even if that means only saying a total of five words when you participate. The more you force yourself to speak, the easier it will become to comfortable and confident. While speaking is important, never forget the importance of being a good listener as well.

Some fun things to note about me is that I am a huge fan of MLB, NFL, and the NBA and love the Yankees, Giants, and Knicks!

I am looking forward to a great conference and getting to know as many of you as I possibly can.