The Middle Eastern and North African Summit (MENAS) is a smaller committee consisting of the Middle Eastern countries. Within this committee, these countries come together and attempt to put aside their differences in  order to accomplish regional goals. What truly makes MENAS unique is how volatile the region is. As a region constantly undergoing political, social and economic changes, conflict resulting from these transformations makes for evolving debate. On any given day, new events can happen that can totally change the arguments and motives of a country, and shift the entire dynamic of debate.

2017-2018 TOPICS

  1. Human Rights – Ethnic Minority Rights
  2. Refugee Resettlement
  3. Economic Diversification

2017-2018 MENAS Topic Descriptions


MENAS Sample Country Research Paper

MENAS Country Matrix Cover

MENAS Country Matrix Ethnic Minority Rights

MENAS Country Matrix Refugee Resettlement

MENAS Country Matrix Economic Diversification