The Middle Eastern and North African Summit (MENAS) is a smaller committee consisting of the Middle Eastern countries. Within this committee, these countries come together and attempt to put aside their differences in  order to accomplish regional goals. What truly makes MENAS unique is how volatile the region is. As a region constantly undergoing political, social and economic changes, conflict resulting from these transformations makes for evolving debate. On any given day, new events can happen that can totally change the arguments and motives of a country, and shift the entire dynamic of debate.

2018-2019 TOPICS

  1. Environmental Reform
  2. Expanding Education
  3. Economic Development

2018-2019 MENAS Topic Descriptions


MENAS Sample Country Research Paper

MENAS Country Matrix Cover

MENAS Country Matrix Environmental Reform

MENAS Country Matrix Expanding Education

MENAS Country Matrix Economic Development



Shiza Munsar

Hi! I’m Shiza Munsar, a senior from Marlboro Delegation, and this is my fourth year in yMUN.

My favorite thing about the Middle East and North African summit is definitely the passion the debate invokes. Because the region is so volatile and there are vastly developed and vastly undeveloped nations, delegates quickly get involved.

My favorite memory is when, at my first conference, I bumped into a girl at the Saturday dance who ended up becoming one of my best friends!

I love meeting and talking to new people, and especially finding out the stories everyone has and can share! I also play the guitar, cook, and love traveling.

I’m so excited for conference, and can’t wait to see you all there!