The Middle Eastern and North African Summit (MENAS) is a smaller committee consisting of countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Within this committee, these countries come together and attempt to put aside their differences in order to accomplish regional goals. What truly makes MENAS unique is the volatility of the region. As a region constantly undergoing political, social, and economic changes, conflict resulting from these transformations makes for evolving debate. On any given day, new events can happen that can totally change the arguments and motives of a country, and shift the entire dynamic of debate.

2019-2020 TOPICS

  1. Entrepreneurial Development
  2. Drug Trafficking and Abuse
  3. The Refugee Crisis

2019-2020 MENAS Topic Descriptions


MENAS Sample Country Research Paper

MENAS Matrix Cover Page

MENAS Country Matrix



What is your name, position, delegation, grade, and the number of years you’ve been in MUN?

Hey everyone! My name is Ben Mathew and I’ll be serving as your Middle Eastern and North African Summit chair. I am a senior at Montgomery High School and this will be my third year of MUN.


What is the best thing about your committee?

MENAS is a small committee with about 20-25 people. Since the MENA region is home to such diverse viewpoints, our debate can get lowkey heated but highkey energizing. Everyone has a great time and becomes friends.


What advice do you have for new delegates?

If you are contemplating speaking, writing an amendment, asking people to work with people you don’t know, or anything else, count down from 3 and just do it. You will feel accomplished and continue to break out of your shell.


What is your favorite MUN memory or experience?

Of course, the dance is always awesome. Who doesn’t love going bananas with 200+ people to some of the best songs of the year?

I also really enjoyed seeing my committee members fully embrace the viewpoints of the country that they represented. We got so into it that some people started writing things like “Say no to the West!” on their country placards.


What other activities do you do?

I love playing basketball and ping pong. I am passionate about business, entrepreneurship, computer science, and startups. I am the founder of a socially-driven startup called Dovtail ( that has processed thousands of dollars in donations for charitable organizations. I am also the President of my Montgomery’s FBLA chapter. In addition, I founded the Business Festival ( and Hackathon ( at my school.


List some fun facts/icebreaker kind of information. Some examples are: Your favorite food, a country you would want to visit, tv shows you watch, type of music you listen to, etc.

Fun facts about me:
– I’d love to live in the Bay Area someday
– My hidden talent is baking
– I interned at an AI company in Austin, TX during Summer 2019, so I became comfortable with driving on the highway
– I love Quinn XCII, Post Malone, J. Cole, and other Pop/Rap artists


Anything else you’d like to share?

I’d love to talk to you about MUN, sports, business, entrepreneurship, computer science, and startups. Please feel free to reach out to me at!