The Pan-American Summit seeks to promote security and peace in addition to social and economic development. This committee includes nations in North, South, and Central America. The four pillars of the group are development, security, human rights, and democracy. In addition, the pillars are intertwined by cooperation, political dialogue, and legal instruments that supply the Pan-American Summit with the capabilities to maximize each member nation’s potential.

2018-2019 TOPICS 

  1. Illegal Immigration
  2. Sustainable Tourism
  3. Employment Discrimination

2018-2019 Pan-American Summit Topic Descriptions


Pan-American Summit Sample Country Research Paper

Pan-American Summit Country Matrix Cover Page

Pan-American Summit Country Matrices


Hey guys! My name is Krina Shah and I will be serving as the chair for the Pan-American Summit this year! I am currently a senior at Freehold High School and this will be my 4th and final year at MUN.

 Due to our small size, we are able to foster a welcoming environment for returning and first-year delegates alike. From sharing resolutions to Character Development Awards (and candy once the entire committee has spoken), by the end of conference we all become one close-knit family!

 In fact, the first time I ever spoke in MUN, I was so nervous. After my speech, I sat down so embarrassed over doing poorly but, the delegate next to me complimented my speech and encouraged me to speak more!

 If you’re nervous about speaking when you get to MUN, don’t worry! You’re not alone. We have all been there! This is a chance to try getting out of your comfort zone and there is always a receptive audience in the Pan-American Summit.

Two cool things that you should know about me before conference is that I love music and I’m obsessed with chocolate chip pancakes! Some of my favorite artists are Khalid, Ariana Grande, Brockhampton, and The Weeknd.

With that being said, I’m so excited to meet you all at conference!