The International Criminal Court (ICC) sees delegates collaborate in teams of four to prosecute or defend one side of a case dealing with matters such as genocide, crimes against humanity, or war crimes. Teams produce written legal research briefs prior to the conference that serve as the foundation for their arguments. When a team’s case is not being heard, delegates act as judges for the other four cases being debated by the committee, following the legal sides of the arguments being made to render their verdicts.

2018-2019 ICC Cases


Date, Location, and Time TBA.



ICC v. Mao Zedong Team #1 – Team #2 –
ICC v. Henry Wirz Team #3 – Team #4 –
ICC v. Talaat Pasha Team #5 – Team #6 –
ICC v. A.O. Neville Team #7 – Team #8 –


ICC v. Mao Zedong Team #1 – Team #2 –
ICC v. Henry Wirz Team #3 – Team #4 –
ICC v. Talaat Pasha Team #5 – Team #6 –
ICC v. A.O. Neville Team #7 – Team #8 –


Each team must complete a brief – due December 1st

Specific instructions for the brief can be found in the ICC Brief Manual.


ICC Sample Brief

ICC Sample Annotated Brief – Prosecution

ICC Sample Annotated Brief – Defense

ICC Brief Manual

Rome Statute


Tomas Taafe

Hi everyone! My name is Tomas Taaffe and I have the pleasure of serving as the Chief Justice of ICC A this year! I am currently a senior at Westfield High School and this will be my third and last year in MUN.

Something really cool and unique about ICC is that we put historical figures on trial, instead of writing resolutions like the rest of MUN. Some of the cases we’ve had in the past include Julius Caesar, Benito Mussolini, and William McKinley. You will be working in a group of about four delegates to write your brief, which allows for collaboration even before conference starts. This lets the quality of debate be amazing from day one!

My favorite memory from MUN happened during my first year after presenting my case. Both my team and the opposing team did so well, the rest of committee deliberated on the case for 8 hours! At the end, my team won the case, and the defendant, Abraham Lincoln, was cleared of all charges. It was really cool to see how our arguments were able to shape our fellow delegates’ opinions on the case.

First years, don’t worry about writing a brief! It may seem daunting at first, but it isn’t as hard as it looks. You have a group of fellow delegates to collaborate with, and Liam and I are here to help if you want feedback or help with the brief. Plus, we will be going into detail about how to write the best brief at Pre-leg (so please do your best to come)!

Some cool things about me are that I play Tenor Sax in the Marching Band, and Bari Sax in Concert Band, I have been an intern on multiple political campaigns, and I love to read. Some of my favorite books include The Inferno, A Little Life, and Ron Chernow’s biography of Ulysses S. Grant.

I can’t wait to see all of you at pre-leg and conference and I can’t wait to hear the amazing cases and debate!

Liam Cotter

Hello all! My name is Liam Cotter and I will be serving as the Chief Justice of International Criminal Court B this year! I am currently a senior at Saint Joseph High School and this will be my 3rd (and unfortunately final) year at MUN.

The small size of the Court, coupled with the different style of debate and presentation the committee provides, creates a unique experience from the rest of conference. Over the course of three days, all of the delegates, regardless of previous experience, are able to speak and make their opinion heard in deliberation and during their case presentation.

I vividly remember my first experience at MUN, I was so nervous to speak in front of a crowd and carry our case that I stuttered and misspoke through the entirety of our introduction! However, I  was able to overcome my nervousness and find the courage to speak out throughout the remainder of the conference.

My advice for first years? Don’t be afraid to speak! The great part about conference is that everyone can express their ideas on equal ground and add to the debate. Also, the unique design of the International Criminal Court allows everyone to speak to an audience that values your input and can use it to further the deliberation.

Two fun facts that you should know about me before conference are that I love playing video games, and baseball is my favorite sport. My favorite team is the New York Mets, and I want to visit every major league ballpark someday (only 21 to go!).

I’m super excited for conference this year and I can’t wait to see you all there!