The International Court of Justice (ICJ) deals with questions regarding the legality of actions undertaken by certain nations and their impact on other nations to determine resolutions to complex multinational situations such as ownership over outer space, considerations for the legal usage of nuclear weapons, and more. Justices operate in teams of four to produce written legal research briefs prior to the conference that serve as the foundation for their arguments. When a team’s case is not being heard, delegates act as judges for the other three cases being debated by the committee, following the legal sides of the arguments being made to render their verdicts.

ICJ Cases 2018-2019


Date, Location, and Time TBA.


Republic of Indonesia v. Malaysia Team #1 – Team #2 –
Ecuador v. Colombia Team #3 – Team #4 –
S.S. WIMBLEDON CASE Team #5 – Team #6 –


Each team must complete a brief — due December 1st.

For instructions, see the ICJ Brief Manual.

For more guidance, see the ICJ Sample Brief.


Brianna Vaca

Hello delegates! My name is Brianna Vaca and I will be serving as your Vice Chief Justice of the ICJ this Year. I am a junior from Westfield delegation and this will be my third year at MUN!

Something unique about the ICJ is that we are a court, so we give delegates the chance to debate an actual court case in a small setting. You really can’t get this amazing experience anywhere else.

My favorite MUN memory is the dance my freshman year! I had such a blast connecting with new friends there!

Speak, Speak, Speak! Ask questions, take notes and don’t be afraid to speak up! The weekend is only what you make of it!

My favorite pastime is listening to music out loud with my friends!

I am so excited for this year at MUN and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Adam Thompson

Hello all, my name is Adam Thompson and I will be serving as your Cheif Justice of the International Court of Justice, more familiarly known as the ICJ. I am a senior from the Saint Joseph delegation and this will be my fourth year at MUN.

What sets our committee apart from others is our ability to debate based upon the rule of law. Here you will not only have to work with your team to find treaties, statutes, and precedents that favor your countries argument, but you will also have to present your evidence in such a way that convinces the other justices to pick your side.

My fondest memory was finding my voice sophomore year at MUN. After not speaking once as a freshman, being able to come back with a newfound confidence has helped me in several ways in and outside of conference.

Ask Questions!  The courts, in my opinion, are one of the hardest committees to adapt to simply because of their differing nature. If you are uncomfortable asking a question in front of the committee, feel free to send me a personal email or pull me aside at conference.

I like to dance. Bring your best moves to conference and I welcome any and all requests for a dance-off.

As always, the International Court of Justice will be the most fun committee at conference and I’m excited to see you all there!