The Council for Economic Advancement (CEA) strives to improve the economic situation of all nations while simultaneously dealing with issues as they arise. This means that delegates wield the double-edged sword of confronting issues of the present in addition to working towards a sustainable environment of economic prosperity. In matters of finance, international trade, regulations, monetary policy, as well as economic relief plans and programs, CEA is the center of it all. CEA is a council of about 80 sovereign nations who congregate as equals to debate on two topics each year. CEA is small enough to have a familial feel, but large enough to allow for a diverse range of opinions. CEA is also unique in its parliamentary procedure. Instead of vacillating between topics, CEA focuses exclusively on one topic for a period of time with fast-paced debate. At the end of the allotted time for a given topic, delegates vote on all resolutions for the topic. This results in ample time to write well-developed amendments, and ultimately the process yields more thorough and robust resolutions. Finally, the CEA is known for implementing challenging yet fun crises along with innovative ways to breath life in economics. We hope to see you come January!

2018-2019 TOPICS

  1. The Modern Workforce
  2. Sustainable Infrastructure

2018-2019 Council for Economic Advancement Topic Descriptions



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