Considered one of several subcommittees of the General Assembly, the Legal committee seeks to establish policies and regulations with the intention of solving universal problems that the majority of nations face. As a committee, each delegate works together to pass resolutions that hold nations accountable for their actions, so that no nation acts in ways that are “above the law”. The Legal committee has 75 delegates which contributes to a cooperative and intimate atmosphere.

2018-2019 TOPICS

  1. Protection of Oceans
  2. Human Trafficking
  3. Sexual and Reproductive Health

2018-2019 Legal Topic Descriptions


Legal Sample Country Research Paper

Legal Country Matrix Cover Page

Legal Country Matrix Protection of Oceans

Legal Country Matrix Human Trafficking

Legal Country Matrix Sexual and Reproductive Health


Audrey Ma

Hi everyone! I’m Audrey Ma and I will be serving as the chair of Legal B this year. I am a junior at Montgomery High School and this will be my third year in MUN.

Legal is an extremely versatile committee, so discussions can vary from practical to moral issues alike. The committee itself is usually comprised of around 60 delegates, which is a great number to foster both enticing debate and amazing friendships!

Legal has a tradition where we shout our name (Legal B) as loud as we can on the last day to neighboring committees. To me last year, it was an awesome last chance to spend time with the people I had grown so close to, and share some laughs before parted ways.

First year? We’ve all been there! Everyone is in the same shoes as you, regardless of whether it is their first year or their last. Just getting up to speak is such an exciting step, and we’ll all be supportive no matter what you do or say up there.

I love traveling (who doesn’t), singing, and eating pasta! If I could choose any country to visit, it would either be Morocco or Greece.

I can’t wait to learn more about all of you at conference!

Nandita Vasantha

Hello! My name is Nandita Vasantha and I’m looking forward to being your chair for Legal A this year! I’m currently a senior at Montgomery High School and this is my third and last year in MUN.

Something that I love about our committee is its perfect size as it’s not too big to intimidate you, but not too small so that you can’t push your limits on speaking to a larger crowd. By the end of 3 days, I can guarantee that you’ll know most of the delegates in our committee! I want each and every one of you to walk out of Hershey with more confidence in your public speaking abilities and a better perspectives on interesting global issues (and perhaps some candy!).

My favorite MUN memory was when I had a resolution that I had written during my first conference and shut down by many delegates passed during my second conference. It really taught me about not giving up and showed me how much I had grown over the course of one conference to the next!

This conference is what you make it. I know it can be nerve wracking, but we’re all here to support you and no one will remember if you make a mistake. So carpe diem and take a shot at speaking and making friends, you might end up thanking me!

Something you should know about me is that I love traveling! Some things on my bucket list are to hike the Appalachian Trail,  take a road trip on Iceland’s Ring Road, and to take an impromptu trip somewhere random. I also love animals because I spent a lot of my summers on a farm, so if you have a cute picture of your pet, I would love to see it!

With that being said, I hope to see you all at conference!