Political and Security, or Pol-Sec, is a committee in which several major areas of foreign affairs interlock. Security, sovereignty, and military all play a role in how diplomacy and politics unfold especially in the twenty-first century. The currently global climate concerning military actions abroad are extremely relevant in this committee, because the committee as a whole is an interesting look into how politics and militaries interact with one another when making policy decisions. These intricacies between security for the sake of sovereignty and sovereignty for the sake of security make the committee debate diverse and intense. The topics this year, counter-terrorism, post-conflict peacebuilding, and cyber surveillance will deal heavily with the private interests of countries versus the sovereignty of those abroad.

2017-2018 TOPICS
  1. Biochemical Weapon Disarmament
  2. Border Security
  3. Human Rights – Rights of Prisoners

2017-2018 Political and Security Committee Topic Descriptions


Political and Security Council Sample Country Research Paper

Country Research Paper Sample Annotated

Political and Security Council Country Matrix Cover Page

Political and Security Council Country Matrix Biochemical Weapon Disarmament

Political and Security Council Country Matrix Border Security

Political and Security Council Country Matrix Rights of Prisoners