Political and Security (Pol-Sec) is a committee in which several major areas of foreign affairs interlock. Security, sovereignty, and military all play a role in how diplomacy and politics unfold especially in the twenty-first century. The currently global climate concerning military actions abroad are extremely relevant in this committee, because the committee as a whole is an interesting look into how politics and militaries interact with one another when making policy decisions. These intricacies between security for the sake of sovereignty and sovereignty for the sake of security make the committee debate diverse and intense. 

2018-2019 TOPICS
  1. Border Stabilization
  2. Natural Resource Conflict
  3. Cyberterrorism

2018-2019 Political and Security Committee Topic Descriptions


Political and Security Council Sample Country Research Paper

Political and Security Council Country Matrix Cover Page

Political and Security Council Country Matrix Border Stabilization

Political and Security Council Country Matrix Natural Resource Conflict

Political and Security Council Country Matrix Cyberterrorism


Ananya Sampath

Hi guys! My name is Ananya Sampath, I am a senior from Montgomery High School, and this will be my 4th year in Mun, and I will be serving as your chair of Political and Security Council A this year!

What I love about Pol-Sec specifically is that because we cover such a variety of topics dealing with relationships between countries, you and a country could co-write a resolution together, but completely disagree on another resolution of a different topic. I think it’s amazing to see how complex each country’s views on a topic are, and how that influences their interactions with one another.

My favorite MUN memory was probably during my first year in Pol-Sec. Around 9 of us had co-written a resolution and when it came time to debate it all 9 of us went up together. Everyone spoke during the opening and summation and all of us were heavily involved and helped each other out during questions, and when someone wanted to speak. It really helped me immerse myself in the community of Pol-Sec, and of MUN as a whole, plus it was super fun to see all 9 of us trying to not talk over each other!

My tip for a first year would probably be to do the thing you’re most scared of first. So many times we go into something new expecting the worst, and then we lose the opportunity to enjoy it. But if you get the thing you’re most scared of out of the way first, be it speaking, making a motion, writing a resolution, you can start to get used to it and realize it isn’t as bad as you thought, and then you have more freedom to have fun during conference, uninhibited by your fears.

Some of my hobbies include tennis, which I have played for around 9 years, running, piano, and watching horror movies! For some reason, I love to be scared, so I watch horror movies all the time, but I have to watch with someone else or I wouldn’t be able to do it!

I’m really looking forward to meeting you guys, I cannot wait to experience conference with you all!

Shivam Patel

Hello everybody! My name is Shivam Patel and I am so excited to be chairing Political and Security Council B this year! I am from Monroe Township and have been in MUN for two years.

Our committee really gets involved in debate.  Everyone participates and people don’t try to undermine one another’s resolutions, but rather help them understand the weaknesses to help them improve them! Delegates are really involved and help each other improve.

When my other resolution sponsors and I in Political and Security A and B were being questioned by our colleagues during a spontaneous crisis, we put down every person’s grievances against our resolution and ended up getting it passed.  It was fun to stand up and refute the arguments of the other delegates in the room and at the same time have a laugh about some of the responses.

If you are new to MUN, try to have fun and really put yourself out there.  Try to speak in your committees. Talk to new people. You can meet many friends here that you will talk to after the conference and become a great public speaker.  

As for me, I play soccer and do winter and spring track.  I’m a music fanatic. I listen to everything from A$AP Rocky to The Lumineers.  I also love traveling, watching movies (Avengers is a must), and eating Taco Bell!

Have fun At MUN and join Political and Security B to enjoy your time with me!