Soc-Hum is a General Assembly subcommittee dedicated to examining humanitarian issues and finding solutions for them. Our topics cover a wide spectrum global issues, from women’s rights to water accessibility to censorship and free speech. Our committee is composed of around 80 people, a happy medium for those unsure about choosing between a small committee and a large committee. With 80 delegates, SocHum allows delegates to actively voice their own opinion while still hearing a variety of opinions from other delegates. If you are looking for a place to debate issues that impact everyday people worldwide in a medium-sized setting, look no further.

2018-2019 TOPICS

  1. Rights of the Incarcerated
  2. Natural Disaster Relief and Aid
  3. LGBTQ+ Legality and Rights

SocHum Topic Descriptions 2018-2019


Social and Humanitarian Committee Sample Research Paper

SocHum Country Matrix Cover Page

SocHum Country Matrix Rights of the Incarcerated

SocHum Country Matrix Natural Disaster Relief and Aid

SocHum Country Matrix LGBTQ+ Legality and Rights