Soc-Hum is a General Assembly subcommittee dedicated to examining humanitarian issues and finding solutions for them. Our topics cover a wide spectrum global issues, from women’s rights to water accessibility to censorship and free speech. Our committee is composed of around 80 people, a happy medium for those unsure about choosing between a small committee and a large committee. With 80 delegates, SocHum allows delegates to actively voice their own opinion while still hearing a variety of opinions from other delegates. If you are looking for a place to debate issues that impact everyday people worldwide in a medium-sized setting, look no further.

2018-2019 TOPICS

  1. Rights of the Incarcerated
  2. Natural Disaster Relief and Aid
  3. LGBTQ+ Legality and Rights

SocHum Topic Descriptions 2018-2019


Social and Humanitarian Committee Sample Research Paper

SocHum Country Matrix Cover Page

SocHum Country Matrix Rights of the Incarcerated

SocHum Country Matrix Natural Disaster Relief and Aid

SocHum Country Matrix LGBTQ+ Legality and Rights


Ananya Sankar

Hey guys! My name is Ananya Sankar and I look forward to being your chair for Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee A this year! I am currently a senior at Montgomery High School and this will be my 3rd and final year in MUN.

The Soc-Hum community is notorious for its friendly and motivating atmosphere. We are proud to share the greatest number of Character Development Awards each year. Delegates feel comfortable taking risks, and everyone leaves with a stronger sense of confidence in their abilities!

I can still remember how anxious I was the first time I went to conference. However, I was inspired by the courage in those around me, especially delegates who admitted they were afraid of public speaking!

When doing research, think about your country’s perspective and what makes them unique. Sometimes your assigned country might have a strange viewpoint, but that makes debate all the more interesting!

Some fun facts about me are that I love writing and dance. My favorite TV shows are Arrested Development, Black Mirror, and New Girl!

Conference is coming up fast, and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Olivia Summons

Hi! My name is Olivia Summons and I will be serving as the Chair of Social Humanitarian and Cultural B Committee. I’m a senior at Dulaney High School and I’m looking forward to my 4th year in MUN!

SocHum is known for the delegates writing the most Character Development Awards! Not only is this an awesome way to lift up new delegates, but it makes SocHum more of a family, rather than just a committee.

My first year in MUN, our chair put on a runway walk competition between the boys. Seeing your chair strut his stuff is certainly memory worthy!

Nervous about finding a group to write a resolution with? Turn to your neighbor. I guarantee that those in SocHum will be more than happy to include you. 🙂

Outside of academics, I spend my free time rock climbing. Specifically bouldering: rock climbing sans harness. For two years now it’s been my de-stresser and my home away from home.

I’m pumped to make this year in SocHum the best one yet!

Justin Zhao

Hi y’all! My name is Justin Zhao and I hail from the Montgomery Delegation where I am a current 12th grader. For my 3rd and final year in Model UN, I will be serving as your chair of the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural (SocHum) C committee.

A lot of what we debate in SocHum can be categorized as hot-button issues that are often very sensitive and emotive topics. This is often conducive to very intense but thought-provoking debate atmosphere. However, regardless of how heated a debate might get, one salient characteristic about SocHum is our unwavering inclusiveness and support, comforting others and helping each other throughout the course of the weekend.

One of my fondest MUN memories was during my first year as a delegate the Saturday night of conference. My friends and I had been stressing about Officer speeches the next day for an hour or so when we all looked at each other and decided to put down the speech writing and just relax. We ended up talking until 3 A.M. that day, just chilling and truly becoming closer. At its core, I think that’s truly what MUN is all about, forging new relationships, and strengthening current ones.

In the wise words of Michael Gallagher, get comfortable being uncomfortable. There are times when your hands will sweat, and your legs will shake and you will feel extremely nervous. Just remember it’s okay! Every single person in this program has been there. Once you take that first leap of faith and speak for the first time, you can truly reap all the benefits that YMUN has to offer.

Outside of MUN and the CE programs, I have a couple hobbies and interests. In my free time, I love to play soccer whether it be for my school team in the fall or my club team the rest of the year. I also love Game of Thrones and am anxiously waiting for the 8th season to be released.

With that being said, I can’t wait to meet all of you at conference!