The World Health Organization Committee (WHO) helps the global community by examining key health issues that impact the lives of men and women everywhere. It looks for resolutions to combat issues that divide the globe – wide-ranging topics from vaccines to health in prisons and many more. The committee tries to find middle ground between the key cultural differences that split opinions over various health issues while preserving the integrity of all social norms and morals that exist within individual UN member nations.

2019-2020 TOPICS

  1. Infectious Diseases
  2. Neurological Disorders
  3. Access to Maternity Care

2019-2020 World Health Organization Topic Descriptions

Resources & Sample Documents 

World Health Organization Sample Country Research Paper

World Health Organization Country Matrix Cover Page

World Health Organization Country Matrix


What is your name, position, delegation, grade, and the number of years you’ve been in MUN?

Hi, delegates! My name is Alison Cedarbaum, and I will serving as the World Health Organization Chair this year. I am a junior at Hunterdon Central Regional HS and am part of the Hunterdon Central delegation. This is my third year in Model UN!


What is the best thing about your committee?

The best thing about the World Health Organization, aside from the fantastic debate, is the family feeling within the committee. MUN WHO has always prided itself on being an incredibly cooperative, close, and comfortable committee. Through supporting each other as both people and as delegates, and a mountain of CDAs after each committee session, WHO forms an incredibly tight bond by the end of conference!


What advice do you have for new delegates?

Don’t be afraid to speak! I’m sure this is cheesy, but try not to be intimidated by more experienced delegates. After all, they started out as first years just like you! The MUN community is a loving and supportive one, so never be afraid to participate. Officers, staffers, and experienced delegates are here to encourage and help you, not to judge.


What is your favorite MUN memory or experience?

My favorite MUN memory is when, at my first conference as a freshman, my chair in GA-A wrote me a CDA. That CDA impacted me as a person and a delegate so much more than any award could have, because it inspired me to continue to speak out and encourage others to be civically engaged. Since receiving that CDA, I’ve been trying to pay it forward within the program and influence and encourage others, just like that officer did for me!


What other activities do you do?

Aside from Model UN, I also participate in Youth and Government through my school. Additionally, I am involved in the gender equality club at my school and frequently participate in political campaigns and events in my community. I am also a dancer – specifically focused on ballet and pointework – and perform periodically throughout the year.


List some fun facts/icebreaker kind of information. Some examples are: Your favorite food, a country you would want to visit, tv shows you watch, type of music you listen to, etc.

Some Fun Facts:
1. My favorite food to eat and to make are cookie mugs. It’s literally a chocolate chip cookie in a mug and it’s so incredibly delicious.
2. If I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to Greece – Athens for the history, and some beautiful island for the sights.
3. My favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation, and my role model is Leslie Knope.
4. I have a crazy rescue dog named Luna!


Anything else you’d like to share?

If you have any questions about conference, feel free to reach out. There are also plenty of fantastic resources on the YMCA MUN website! I’m so excited to meet you all and work with you at conference!