The World Health Organization Committee (WHO) helps the global community by examining key health issues that impact the lives of men and women everywhere. It looks for resolutions to combat issues that divide the globe – wide-ranging topics from vaccines to health in prisons and many more. The committee tries to find middle ground between the key cultural differences that split opinions over various health issues while preserving the integrity of all social norms and morals that exist within individual UN member nations.

2018-2019 TOPICS

  1. Access to Health Care
  2. Women’s Health
  3. Clean water

2018-2019 World Health Organization Topic Descriptions

Resources & Sample Documents 

World Health Organization Sample Country Research Paper

World Health Organization Country Matrix Access to Healthcare

World Health Organization Country Matrix Women’s Health

World Health Organization Country Matrix Clean Water


Justin Joseph

Hello everybody, my name is Justin Joseph and I am currently a senior in the Westfield Delegation. This is my fourth year in MUN and I am so excited to be chairing the WHO this year!

I think what’s really unique about the World Health Organization is the environment it produces. It’s an environment where laughter, humanity, and debate can thrive. It’s honestly the best committee to find a family.

I think my favorite MUN memory is joining WHO my sophomore year and meeting so many incredible and inspiring people.

I think my biggest tip for a first year is to raise the bar in what you think you can do. Push yourself and I promised you will not regret. Lastly, have a good time and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I participate in marching band as well as YAG. My favorite movie is Hotel Rwanda and I hope to become a physician when I grow up as well as receive a global health degree. I think this year is going to be unforgettable and I hope we all get something out of it. Be open, be happy and be you.