The General Assembly (GA) is the largest committee, in which delegates can discuss and author resolutions dealing with a variety of international issues. These students also serve as the nation’s ambassador and represent the country at all formal hearings and events. Due to the size and diversity of General Assembly, the delegates are part of a committee that places emphasis on interaction, cooperation, and community.


  1. Urbanization
  2. Climate Change
  3. Rights of Displaced People

2019 General Assembly Topic Descriptions


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General Assembly Country Matrix



Grace Clothier – GA-A

Hello Everyone!  My name is Grace Clothier and I will be serving as the Vice Chair of the General Assembly A. I am currently a Senior at Rancocas Valley Regional High School and this will be my fourth year doing Model UN and fourth year doing GA A!

Although the size of General Assembly can be intimidating and force you to get out of your comfort zone it truly is the best committee at conference. The inclusive environment makes every delegate confident and comfortable while debating. The best part is when we all come together as one committee and one family at the end of conference.

My favorite Model UN  Memory is the first time I spoke at conference my freshman year. Everyone was so supportive which made me very confident in my ability to speak!

If it is your first year and you are nervous… we all are! I encourage you all to get up there your first day and debate on resolutions and make motions! Although it can be scary getting up and speaking your first time you all will do great!

Fun Facts about myself is that I am a twin and I absolutely love country music! My favorite country artists are Luke Bryan and Sam Hunt!

I can’t wait to meet you all at conference this year and I am excited to hear all the resolutions you debate during committee.

Jack Hall

Hello everyone! My name is Jack Hall and I will be serving as the head chair for General Assembly A this upcoming conference! I am currently a Senior at Saint Joseph High School and this will be my 4th year in GAA and my 2nd year chairing GAA.

One of the most admirable things about the General Assembly A is that we are the largest committee in conference! Many people fear speaking and debating in a room with hundreds of delegates, but you shouldn’t be! The GAA is a committee that will allow you to speak in smaller groups of delegates, which gives everyone a chance to speak and voice their opinions. In fact, being in a committee with so many people should be an interesting thing because you will be able to meet so many different people with so many different opinions on this year’s topics.

It was my second year at conference and one of the delegates mentioned to the committee that it was her birthday, so we all sang Happy Birthday to her.

I’d say for first years to go into committee with an open mind. Many people worry that they need to pass as many resolutions as possible and speak as much as they can, but that isn’t true. It is more about getting something new out of conference, something that you have never experienced before. Going in with a clear mind is probably the best strategy.

Two important things to know about me: I love listening to EDM music (Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Tiesto) and I enjoy traveling outside the country (ask me about Ecuador and I will tell you a whole bunch of cool things about the beautiful country!).

I look forward to meeting all of you at conference!

Pranay Narang

Hey everyone! My name is Pranay Narang, and I will be serving as the Vice-Chair of General Assembly A! I’m a senior at Monroe Township High School, and this will be my 3rd year at Model UN.

General Assembly A is absolutely massive! With approximately 140 delegates, you have the opportunity to forge more relationships and witness a level of enthusiasm that can’t be replicated anywhere else! At other committees, you may make a small family. Here, however, you are going to be part of a loving community!

During my first year at Model UN, I joined the Council of Economic Advancement and wrote a resolution that ultimately faced a tie between votes in favor and votes against. We realized that there was a delegate in the bathroom at the time, and our committee decided to wait and see what his decision would be. Unfortunately, he took too long and the resolution was defeated, but the people I wrote it with have become great friends of mine, and I laugh at the experience every year!

Committee sessions can be very intimidating. If you are afraid to speak on a resolution or talk to new people, remember that every single person there is in the same situation as you! You are not alone, and if you need any help, the officers and your fellow delegates are there for you!

Just like the General Assembly, my appetite is huge, so you can catch me feasting between committee sessions! I also love listening to rap artists, especially Kendrick, Eminem, and Logic.

At Model UN, you will be apart of an entirely new culture! Be prepared to meet the most inspiring and empowering individuals, and always remember that every opportunity you take at conference will allow you to leave as a stronger, more self-assured version of yourself! See you there!

Nalin Gardilla – GA-B

Hello delegates! My name is Nalin Gardilla and I will be serving as your head chair for General Assembly B. I am a proud member of the Freehold Delegation and will be entering my fourth and final year in Model UN.

The General Assembly is truly unique and special. Being the largest committee at conference, as a delegate you are engulfed in an atmosphere like no other. From the comforting environment created by regional debate to the engaging and fierce discourse that occurs over resolutions, GA has a place for everyone.

My most unforgettable GA-B memory would date back to my freshman year where, as a first-year delegate, I was called out of order for saying I represented the country of New Jersey.

My biggest piece of advice for all first-year delegates is to live in the moment as it can be easy to get carried away in a conference with a size of 2,000. Whether it be the jovial conversations you share with someone sitting next to you at lunch, writing or receiving a Character Development Award, or giving a heartwarming reflection at your delegation meeting, treasure every moment.

As the old proverb says, “ Slow down and smell the roses”

Besides MUN, I really enjoy playing basketball and tennis. I am a really big Knicks fan and I also love to run. And of course, my favorite TV show would have to be Game of Thrones.

With that being said, see you all at conference!

Kate Christy

Hey! I’m Kate Christy and I will be serving as the Vice Chair of General Assembly B at this year’s conference. Currently I am a senior at Mountain Lakes High School and this will be my 3rd year in MUN.

For me, the best part of General Assembly is being able to work with so many other delegates. Although we are such a big group, being a part of the General Assembly is one of the best ways to be able to talk to other delegates that you would have never met if not for conference!  

Writing my first resolution last year with Nalin (this year’s Chair of General Assembly B) is a memory that I will never forget. I was able to work with so many  delegates from all around the area and have made so many friends because of it!

My tips for a first-year? Don’t be afraid to speak! I know it’s easier said than done, especially considering that the General Assembly is the biggest committee! But for real, it may seem scary at first, but it can completely change your MUN experience.

Some fun facts about me are that I love country music and that I also play the guitar. I’ve been playing since I was 13 and I’ve been obsessed since!

All in all, this conference is sure to be the best one yet and I can’t wait to finally work with you all. See ya in January!


Mia Garofalo 

Hello everyone! My name is Mia Garofalo and I will be serving as a chair for General Assembly-C this year! I am currently a senior at Cranford High School and this will be my fourth and final year in MUN.

Despite being one of the largest committees at conference, we provide delegates that are tentative to speak in public with the opportunity to really come out of their shell, and develop a passion for effective communication and civic engagement. By the end of conference, we all become one huge family. I think this is not only what makes delegates feel so comfortable participating, but it is what keeps delegates (like me!) returning to General Assembly year after year.

As a first year delegate, when I went up to speak for the first time I was so nervous and flustered that I addressed my male chair as Madam Chair! I was incredibly embarrassed, but he gave me the chance to restart my Parliamentary Procedure. At the end of the day he told me that I did a great job despite my slip up, and even encouraged me to continue participating.

First years: Never be afraid to ask more seasoned delegates, the chairs, or the college advisors any questions you may have! General Assembly-C is consistently full of supportive, like-minded people that want to help everyone succeed to their fullest potential.

Some cool facts you should know about me before conference is that I am obsessed with giraffes and I love trying new things, especially foods! I try to make myself a new smoothie everyday, experimenting with a variety of fruits and vegetables (dragonfruit is my favorite fruit when available).

With that being said, I look forward to meeting you all at conference!

Luke Grycewicz – GA-C

What’s good y’all?! My name is Luke Grycewicz (yes, I know it’s a long last name) and I will be serving as your Vice-Chair for the prestigious General Assembly C. I am currently a senior at Devon Prep, which is about 30 minutes from Philly. This will be my third and final year at MUN.

GA is the largest committee at conference, and I personally think that lends a lot of positives. First, it allows for a wide variety of viewpoints. This leads to spirited debate that makes conference enjoyable. Secondly, there are so many people in GA that you are bound to make at least one new friend. These friendships last beyond conference; these people can become some of your closest friends. From our spirited debate to comical conversations, we have an amazing time in GA and bond with another.

Since I am from Philly, I am a HUGE Birds fan. Every year at conference, we show the Wild Card games, and people gather to watch them. Last year, the Eagles had a bye that week, were the number one seed, and were Super Bowl bound (oh yeah we won btw!). Almost every member from the Devon Prep delegation stuck together that night and constantly sang Fly Eagles Fly! or chanted E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! That night brought me closer with my friends and let me express my love for the Birds. We also met fellow Eagles fans and talked about how Nick Foles would lead us to the promise land. That night will stick with me for a long time. GO BIRDS!

First-years can come in a variety of forms, from freshman to senior. One thing that I highly recommend for first-years is that you get up and speak. This leads to a variety of things. First, people will come up to you and talk with you about for position for resolution making. This can then lead to new friends. Also, speaking for the first time takes away the nerves and anxiety of a first-year. From there, talking becomes fun and makes conference a whole new experience.

If you find me and want to start a conversation with me, two topics that typically lead to long conversations are sports and country music. First, I love sports, as I play soccer, basketball, and throw javelin and shotput. I am an avid sports fan and hold an opinion on just about everything, from my disliking of the Cowboys to my love for TJ McConnell (TTP) to obsessive addiction to fantasy football and baseball. Secondly, I am a big country music fan. My favorites include Jason Aldean and ZBB. Although I am not musically gifted, I love singing along as loud as I can. I also enjoy some Hip-Hop; my favorites in this genre are Juice WRLD and Meek Mill.

There is so much to me that hasn’t been said, but this is the basis of who I am; I cannot wait to meet you all at conference!

Victor Xing

Hey everyone! My name is Victor Xing and I will be serving as the General Assembly C chair this year. I am currently a junior at Montgomery High School, and this is my third year in MUN.

Due to the large size of our committee, many people will be nervous to speak at first. However, there are also many benefits! There are many returning delegates to get advice from, as well as many new people to meet. Speaking in front of GA is also a huge confidence booster, and becomes really fun after you speak once!

My favorite MUN memory is experiencing the thrill of speaking in GA for the first time. I was in a very small committee my freshman year, and I was really nervous to speak in front of 180 people! Although I messed up a bit, it really helped me break out of my comfort zone and speak more.

First Years: Try to speak as soon as possible! It might be very hard to stand up there for the first time, but after you do, it will feel much better. The effort and courage you put will determine how much you get out of the program, so try your absolute best

I love dogs, especially Samoyeds! I also love to watch sci-fi shows, such as Altered Carbon. I also love to play video games, such as VainGlory, CSGO, and Hearthstone.

I’m really excited to serve as your chair this year; see you all at conference!

Paul Padilla

Hey! My name is Paul Padilla, I’m a junior at Saint Joseph High School, this will be my 3rd year in MUN, and I will be serving as one of your General Assembly B Vice-Chairs.

The most special aspects and the heart of GA is the camaraderie shown throughout all of conference. Beginning in Friday, we all learn about each other and by Sunday, we are a close, warmhearted family!

The first time I made my very first speech! I remember it was during resolution debate on Saturday, which introduced one of my favorite topics since 6th grade – immunization. After showing my close friend at conference my speech, she was very impressed in it, so I took a risk to speak in front of the whole committee. After my speech, my friends were congratulating me, and that encouraged me to continue speaking. From that moment, my love for Model UN grew and flourished!

To all the first years, take positive risks! It is important to get out of your comfort zone to get involved in everything Model UN has to offer. It’s all about making your first speech. The more you speak, the less concerned and nervous your gonna be, and the more you’re going to get used to speaking in front of a group in front of 180 people. It’s daunting at first, but rewarding in so many ways!

Outside of the program, I participate in a variety of other activities, ranging from being the Youth Group Leader in my church to serving as the managing editor for the school newspaper. My favorite hobbies, of course, is planning and organizing events.

With that being said, I am very excited to see you at conference, and I encourage you to always take positive risks!