In the Press Corps, delegates are transformed into reporters. Instead of forming resolutions, we have the difficult but rewarding task of capturing all of the other committees and events at conference. Delegates do receive country assignments, but instead of representing that country in the material that Press Corps produces, it is used as a starting point to learn how to report. The delegate acts as though he or she is a reporter in that country, spreading the news of an event that happened there. At conference, we sit in on debates and cases, which allows us to write summaries to share with others who were unable to see the real thing, including delegates from the other committees and parents back home. We also take footage to preserve the memory of conference to have for years to come, and to promote Y-MUN to potential new delegates. With video, written, and social media teams, we divide and conquer to get the scoop on the various debates, resolutions, and activities occurring within the walls of Hershey.


2018-2019 RESOURCES

Press Research Assignment

Sample Press Interview

Press Tips


Julia Colleran

Hi, I’m Julia Colleran, I am a junior at Westfield High School and this upcoming conference will be my 3rd year in MUN.

Press is the filter between all the happenings of conference and the information that you, the delegates, consume. No other committee gives you the perspective on conference like the press corps does.

Last year I was able to interview many people at conference and had the chance to sit down with the 2018 SecGen, Allie Morgan, which was so cool, it actually inspired me to run for the position myself.

First years, take chances! It may seem daunting to stand up in front of so many people and give your opinion on new ideas, or how to improve old ones, but it is so rewarding to see the product of your confidence throughout all of the media, news, and projects we have around conference.

I play ice hockey for my school’s girl team.

I am incredibly proud to associate myself with the Press Corps of Y-MUN and Allison and I cannot wait to meet and work with all of you!

Allison Rae

My name is Allison Rae, I’m a senior from the Freehold Delegation and this is my 4th year in MUN.

Press is interesting because we are the behind-the-scenes of conference and produce pictures and videos for everyone to see.

My favorite MUN memory was completing the dance video from last year and showing it to everyone. All of the compliments and applause proved that all of our hard work from the year paid off.

My tip for a first-year would be to push yourself beyond your boundaries. No one will remember if you mess up!

In my free time, I love dancing and going to the gym.

I am super excited to be an officer this year and can’t wait to meet all of you!