In the Press Corps, delegates are transformed into reporters. Instead of forming resolutions, we have the difficult but rewarding task of capturing all of the other committees and the events at conference. Delegates do receive countries, but instead of representing that country in the material that Press Corps produces, it is used as a starting block to learn how to report. The delegate acts as though he or she is a reporter in that country and spreading the news of an event that happened there. At conference, we sit in on debates and cases, which allows us to write summaries to share with others who were unable to see the real thing; for example, delegates from the other committees or parents back home. We also take footage to seal the memory of conference to have for years to come, or to promote Y-MUN for potential delegates outside of Hershey. With video, written, and social media teams we divide and conquer to get the scoop on the various debates, resolutions, and activities occurring within the walls of Hershey.


2017-2018 RESOURCES

Press Research Assignment

Sample Press Interview

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