Crisis Commission

A small committee that deals with a multitude of crises facing specific regions in real-time. Delegates develop fast-thinking skills and they constantly form new solutions. Scenarios range from ecological disasters to terrorist attacks.

Group of Twenty (G-20)

A small, dynamic committee that tackling issues of the highest importance to the 20 largest economic powers in the world.

Historical Security Committee (HSC)

Similar to the Security Council, but the simulation will be a reenactment of a specific period in history.

Nation Building Committee (NBC)

Delegates develop a comprehensive plan for the development of a nation at a specific time in history. They will be assigned to represent the interests of the various nations and interested parties involved with the creation of the new state.

Non-Governmental Forum (NGF)

A small group of ~10 delegates who represent the interests and views of the largest non-governmental actors across the globe. These delegates help bolster the resolutions across committees and help students understand the influence of these non-state actors in global affairs. Students must have at least 1 prior year of MUN experience. Applications are sent out to delegation advisors in the fall to provide to interested students.