A fast-paced committee usually recommended for delegates with at least one year of experience, the Crisis Commission puts students in live scenarios dealing with major global crises. Serving to foster skills of on-the-spot problem-solving and comprise, major world issues are brought to life in this energized committee environment.

2018-2019 TOPICS

  1. Instability in the Lake Chad Basin – Topic Description
  2. Violence and Corruption in Central Africa – Topic Description


Crisis Commission Sample Country Research Paper

Country Research Paper Sample Annotated

Crisis Commission Matrix

Arnav Rai

Hey Delegates! My name is Arnav Rai and I have the pleasure of serving as the Crisis Commissioner this year! I am a senior at Montgomery High school and this will be my fourth and final year of MUN.

What makes Crisis Commission so unique is the fact that the debate never becomes mundane. We constantly have news updates and nuances being introduced every hour, similar to how real intelligence agencies and governments work. These constant changes in the scope and scale of the conflict provide unique challenges only found in Crisis Commission.

I would have to say running for Secretary-General was my favorite moment. Regardless of the outcome, I felt that my campaign was the first time I stopped concerning myself with pleasing everyone, and I was truly my authentic self. And getting comfortable with that idea made me grow so much as a person in that one weekend.

The multiverse theory asserts that there are an infinite amount of timelines and outcomes for any event. Our MUN conference is no different. There are an infinite way Conference can go, and honestly, you would go crazy if trying to plan out every intricate detail and outcome of conference. But if in every moment, every speech, every conversation you are the truest and most authentic version of yourself, everything will be just fine : )

I love music and fashion. You can catch me making playlists on Spotify for hours, some of my favorite artists are BROCKHAMPTON, Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Cage the Elephant, Kanye West, Rex Orange County, the 1975, and Kid Cudi. I also play the guitar and produce music/rap with my friends in my free time. I also like looking at clothes I can’t afford.

It’s been a long crazy ride these past four years and I can’t wait to share my final MUN experience with you all! PLEASE say hello whenever you see me, I love fist bumps and hugs : )