The Historical Security Council (HSC) gives delegates the unique chance to change the course of history while simultaneously regulating the global security dynamic. Delegates immerse themselves in a controversial and influential year, era, or time of importance in history. By taking the role of their respective country and time, delegates in the HSC must respond appropriately and effectively to the events and crises that actually took place in history. This presents delegates with the distinct opportunity to make their own modifications while weighing the real world and historical consequences of their actions. With a small setting of 30 delegates and the presence of 5 veto powers who have the ability to nullify any resolution, HSC creates an atmosphere of intense debate and effective resolutions. This dynamic makes the Historical Security Council different than any other committee.

2018-2019 TOPICS

Time Period: Cold War 1960s

  1. Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
  2. Global Disarmament
  3. Arab-Israeli War (Six Days War)

2018-2019 Histocial Security Council Topic Descriptions


Historical Security Council Sample Country Research Paper

Country Research Paper Sample Annotated

Historical Security Council Matrix Cover Page

Historical Security Council Country Matrix Indo-Pakistani War

Historical Security Council Country Matrix Global Disarmament

Historical Security Council Country Matrix Six Days War

Reference Documents – Indo-Pakistani War

Reference Documents – Global Disarmament

Reference Documents – Six Days War


Joe Peterson


Hello everyone! I am Joe Peterson from the New Providence Delegation. I am a Senior and am so lucky to be returning for my 4th conference.

The Historical Security Council is one of the most unique committees conference has to offer. We are the only committee to debate topics that are not current events, so if you love history this is the committee for you. Also as the Security Council we have the interesting opportunity of countries with veto power that make debate extremely interesting and heated, to say the least. Though we are a very small committee we use this to our advantage as we quickly build bonds of friendship.

My favorite MUN memory has to be my freshman year when I presented my first resolution to the HUGE general assembly. It was terrifying, but all the support and massive applause I received from the assembly really encouraged me (even though it failed).

My tip for first years is to participate as much as possible. This will give you the best experience MUN has to offer and you will quickly gain respect and support.

Some extracurricular activities I participate in include Tennis, Marching Band, Choir, Bridgebuilding, and YAG. In my free time I just like to be around people and have fun. I love biking, reading, hiking, and playing video games. My favorite movie has to be Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. To name my top 5 favorite musical artists are Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Green Day, Blink-182, and Alkaline Trio.

I have participated in many different committees and they were all great, but my time in the Historical Security Council was my favorite and I hope to make it the best for you as well.

Anshul Rana

Hey everyone! My name is Anshul Rana! I am from Monroe Township, New Jersey and I am this year’s chair for Historical Security Council B. I am currently a senior and this will be my third and final year in MUN.

Historical Security is an extremely interesting committee because it gives delegates the opportunity to hash out older issues and analyze better ways to solve them. After all, what better way to prepare for the future than to learn from the past!

My favorite memory was arriving a day late to conference last year because of the snow but still being able to join into debate with the encouragement of the fellow members of my committee. Even though I thought I would not be able to have any fun because I would not understand anything, it was actually some of the most exciting debate of my life.

An easy way to feel more comfortable about speaking is shaking the hand of the person on your right and left and introducing yourself right off the bat. That way, you can begin session feeling comfortable with those around you. After all, MUN is a friendly group experience.

I am a huge Giants and Packers fan, my favorite band is Maroon 5, I sing and play guitar in my free time, my favorite movie is The Dark Knight, and I love video games like Spiderman or Fortnite.

I can’t wait to begin conference and I look forward to seeing you all! Remember, MUN is FUN!