The Historical Security Council (HSC) gives delegates the unique chance to change the course of history while simultaneously regulating the global security dynamic. Delegates immerse themselves in a controversial and influential year, era, or time of importance in history. By taking the role of their respective country and time, delegates in the HSC must respond appropriately and effectively to the events and crises that actually took place in history. This presents delegates with the distinct opportunity to modify the course of history while weighing the real world and historical consequences of their actions. With a small group of 30 delegates and the presence of 5 countries with veto powers (giving them the ability to nullify any resolution), HSC creates an atmosphere for intense debate and effective resolutions. This dynamic makes the Historical Security Council different from any other committee.

2020-2021 TOPICS

Time Period: Circa 1990-2000

  1. Modern Genocide and International Law
  2. Post-Soviet Crisis
  3. The Middle-Eastern Cold War

2020-2021 Historical Security Council Topic Descriptions