The Nation Building Committee (NBC) is a committee of seventy-five to eighty delegates, which aims to resolve regional disputes between nations or ethnic parties by addressing historical crises.

A unique characteristic of NBC is that there are 4 delegates assigned to each nation, and each has a different concentration. These concentrations are divided into the subcommittees listed below.

  • Economics and Finance
  • Social and Humanitarian
  • Political and Security
  • Security Council

Delegates initially meet in one of the four assigned subcommittees, and committee proceedings eventually move to the entire committee debating resolutions collectively. NBC’s goal is to write a cohesive Peace Plan composed of passed resolutions and amendments to address the conflict by the conclusion of conference.  

2019  TOPIC

Tropical Storm: Decolonization of the Caribbean. (circa. 1960)

2019 NBC Topic Description


NBC Sample Country Research Paper

Country Research Paper Sample Annotated

Nation Building Committee Matrix Cover

Nation Building Committee Matrix

Nation Building Committee Reference #1: Caribbean Map


Eileen Cunha

Hello delegates! My name is Eileen Cunha and I will be serving as the Vice Chair of Nation Building Committee! I am currently a senior at Rancocas Valley and this will be my 4th and final year in MUN.

Aside from our interesting historical topic, something that makes NBC unique is our distinct committee structure. Each delegate in our committee is assigned to one of four subcommittees: Social Humanitarian and Cultural, Economics and Finance, Security Council, and Political and Legal. Delegates will get the chance to debate through various sizes of committee, as well as collaborate with the other three representatives from their country. In the end, resolutions that passed through each stage of debate is added into our final peace plan.

My favorite memory has to be my committee from freshman year. I was inexperienced, terrified, and didn’t know to debate as well as those around me. I gained immense confidence from a delegate I watched present, and as committee went on she taught me the skills I needed to speak confidently and with poise. I will always remember her inspiring disposition and strive to inspire others in all aspects of my life as a result of the lessons she taught me.

First year delegates! Don’t be afraid to speak! NBC is great for first years because committee size starts small and grows as time progresses. Speaking can be intimidating, even in a smaller committee but I can assure you everyone wants to see you succeed! With a little practice and experience, speaking gets easier and you gain immense communication skills and overall confidence.

Aside from a love for CE, I am a huge history nerd and love to research new topics and international conflicts! My favorite Tv shows are Turn and The West Wing, and my favorite movie is The Great Gatsby. I am a triplet and both my brothers are attending MUN this year as well.

I am so excited to see you all at conference this year!

Burke Jaeger

Hi everyone! My name is Jaeger and I will be serving as the chair for the Nation Building Committee this year! I am currently a senior at Cranford High School and this will be my fourth and final year at Y-MUN.

Due to the NBC’s unique subcommittee structure, each of our delegates will be one of four representing their country. Each nation will have one delegate in each of the subcommittees (Social-Humanitarian-Cultural; Economics and Finances; Security Council; Political and Legal), who will all collaborate in developing our final Peace and Development Plan.

My first time walking into the Great American Hall and seeing the massive number of delegates gathered in the room was definitely one of the most intimidating parts of my time in Y-MUN, but I am also thankful for the beginning it gave me in this program!

If you are a first-year, don’t be afraid to talk to other delegates! Whether it be drafting a resolution, finding your committee, or socializing over meals, there are plenty of great interactions to be had at conference!

I love travelling and learning people’s stories.

Can’t wait to see you all in Hershey!