The Nation Building Committee (NBC) is a committee of seventy-five to eighty delegates, which aims to resolve regional disputes between nations or ethnic parties by addressing historical crises.

A unique characteristic of NBC is that there are 4 delegates assigned to each nation, and each has a different concentration. These concentrations are divided into the subcommittees listed below.

  • Economics and Finance
  • Social and Humanitarian
  • Political and Security
  • Security Council

Delegates initially meet in one of the four assigned subcommittees, and committee proceedings eventually move to the entire committee debating resolutions collectively. NBC’s goal is to write a cohesive Peace Plan composed of passed resolutions and amendments to address the conflict by the conclusion of conference.  

2019  TOPIC

Tropical Storm: Decolonization of the Caribbean. (circa. 1960)

2019 NBC Topic Description


NBC Sample Country Research Paper

Country Research Paper Sample Annotated

Nation Building Committee Matrix Cover

Nation Building Committee Matrix

Nation Building Committee Reference #1: Caribbean Map