Delegates interested in being selected for the NGF must be nominated by their respective advisers; an application will then be given out to nominated delegates by their advisers. Final decisions of participants are made by Conference Staff based on space.

Committee Description

The Non-Governmental Forum is a committee of up to 12 delegates selected from the ranks of the conference. Each delegate will represent three distinct Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in three broad agenda points drawn up by the Secretary General. Acting as a sort of lobby corps for the conference, students will roam from committee to committee offering their services as a resource to their peers while inspiring creative resolutions that their NGOs envision for a better tomorrow.

2019 NGF Agenda Points

Sample NGORP


David Buneta

Hello everybody! My name is David Buneta and I am a fourth year delegate from Marlboro delegation. I am so excited to be chairing the NGF this year and to be the Conference’s Secretary General.

One thing I have learned from my experience in MUN is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Public speaking can be scary, and representing an NGO is a formidable task. However, I find that taking risks and putting yourself out there is the most rewarding experience.

My favorite MUN memory was writing and then receiving my first Character Development Award. It made me feel comfortable with conference and I knew that I had found a good place.

Some fun facts to know about me is that I really love foreign music! You can catch me listening to some salsa while driving to school, an Italian opera while doing homework, or just chilling with some French pop from the 60s in my downtime. Feel free to talk to me and compare our music playlists!

With that, I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in Hershey and am confident that this will be a great Conference.