This weeks delegate spotlight is on Alexa Spagnola from the Council Rock South delegation!

I joined mualexa-spagnolan as soon as the MUN officers came to speak to my APUSH class. I was hooked the instant that president opened her mouth. As a sophomore, MUN represented everything I wanted to become: a poised leader in the service of humankind. There was never any hesitation on my part about joining.

Each of my two years in MUN thus far has yielded two completely different yet unquestionably unforgettable memories. As a first-year, I attended conference with a broken leg, and I struggled through actions that are normally dismissed as trivial. From making the trek up and down floors to standing every time I wished to speak to even attending the delegate dance on crutches, I was determined not to miss out on the MUN experience. To my surprise, every single person was willing to help with anything I needed, and I will forever appreciated the people that went out of their way for me.

As a returning delegate, I actively and enthusiastically partook in the World Health Organization. I will never forget having the courage after passing an amendment to be the only delegate to deem an additional amendment unfriendly on a resolution that had a third of the committee as co-authors. The environment of MUN is so amazing that I could represent the beliefs of my country, Singapore, without any personal criticism at all from fellow delegates. MUN love is real!