This weeks delegate spotlight is on Jack Hall, from St. Joseph High School Delegation!

jack-hall“The memory from MUN that stands out the most to me is when our GA-A alumni advisor sang to us at the end of conference. It was a hilarious moment because this gentleman was so serious and was ex-military. He represented himself in a way where he is all about seriousness and has no time for jokes. Once he had finished, he received a huge round of applause for more than 2 minutes!

At the end of conference, it hit me that MUN isn’t your typical club at school that everyone joins just to put on a college application. It is something more than that. If you put in hard work and effort into MUN, then you will get a lot out of it and enjoy the ride that goes with it. It gives me a sense of unity. All of these delegates coming from so many states really means something to me. It shows that so many people actually care about what is going on in society and somehow, find a way of common ground on topics.”