This weeks delegate spotlight is on Jenna Besnecker , from the Cranford Delegation!

mnnfvMy favorite MUN memory was writing a resolution at conference. I loved collaborating with the other countries to formulate a plan during unmoderated caucus. It was interesting to hear about the problems in the other countries and find those countries that had the same problems as the country I was representing. I really liked hearing everyone’s contributions in order to write the best resolution possible. Although our resolution was not passed, it was still a great experience that I enjoyed.

MUN is a great place for me to meet new people and form new friendships. The conference gives people from different delegations all over the region the opportunity to come together and work as a team to write resolutions. Outside of this, MUN is a place where I have the ability to express my opinions. MUN lets everyone have a voice. All the delegates get a chance to speak on behalf of their country and try to resolve the problems their country is facing. Conference is a judgment free place so you are able to freely speak. Overall, MUN emphasizes students supporting other students, making it a great experience for all those who attend.