This weeks delegate spotlight is on Michael Brennan of the Community YMCA delegation!

I joined MUN sophomore year, the first year our school offered it. I was already in a lot of clubs, but they were all centered around science or music. I had never been in a debate or big group conversation focused on a goal. So I joined MUN to see how interested I was in that type of thing, and it ended up being exactly what I liked. MUN brings together some of the brightest and most innovative people I’ve ever met. Amazing things canĀ michael-brennanhappen with that much potential all at one conference. Everyone you meet brings something unique to the table that no one else could. Sharing these ideas and experiences in the context of productive debate is what makes MUN so effective and worth it, and it is why you can learn so much.

I learned how to form arguments, speak publicly, and meet new people all through my years of MUN. I have been in Historical Security Council every year since I first joined MUN. My first conference, I wasn’t sure how close our committee would be. But, as soon as we walked in on Day 1 of conference, the first thing we all did was trade all kinds of social media and get to know each other. Over the course of conference we became very good friends and most of us still keep in touch!