The Y-MUN Officer program is beginning its Delegate Spotlight project! We’re selecting delegates from various delegations to ask them about their Y-MUN experiences. Meet Joe Chen, from Montgomery Delegation.

joe-chen“My favorite MUN memory was as a first-year delegate. I remember one delegate in my committee who was a very funny and outgoing person that would never participate. Often talking during other people’s’ speeches, the person seemed to be apathetic towards the debate. However, one session, another delegate unexpectedly yielded time to him and he was caught off guard. Afterwards, another delegate then did same thing. Everyone else ended up joining in on the trend of yielding time to him and encouraging him to speak. It was hilarious to watch the first few times, however, eventually, he knew he had to speak up and began to formulate insightful opinions based on what previous delegates had said. Afterwards, he became an active participant and ended up getting the most out of his conference. This moment showed me how the unity and encouragement of delegates created something both comical and life-changing.”