The current Secretary General of the United Nations is António Guterres who was appointed by the General Assembly on October 17th, 2016 and took office at midnight on January 1st, 2017. Secretary Generals, for the UN, are elected every five years but can hold two terms. This election was the first time where the candidates had to stand up in front of the UN and present their ideas on what they would do as Secretary General, which is something MUN has been doing for quite some time. Guterres has held four different leadership positions in his political career but all at the same time. He is obviously bona fide for this leadership position, here is a look at our Secretary General candidates and what makes them qualified for this position.

Jessica Kuleshov is currently a junior and have been in Model UN for 3 years, 5 years including the MUN II program. She is from the Community Y delegation and feels she is ready to take a leading role in the program due to her experience and past leadership positions, including President of the Robotics club and teaching gymnastics. She has a deep passion for Model UN and when reflecting on her experiences she recalls one of my favorite resolutions, where delegations thought making a bridge across the Atlantic would be more energy efficient. Outside of MUN, Jessica is very active. She has danced since she was three, can play three instruments, the piano, clarinet, and bass clarinet, and participates in rhythmic gymnastics, choir, jazz band, and robotics. Jessica’s role model is her father, because he had to go through a lot of hoops to escape the Soviet Union and come here, a place with abundant job opportunities and freedom. She admires his will, work efficit, and so much more. Jessica’s hopes are to major in engineering, or anything relating to space, at Stanford or MIT. Lastly, Jessica looks forward to speaking in front of everyone, seeing all the delegates, and participating in a new committee this year.

Katharine Trojak is from Council Rock South Delegation andkatherine this will be her second year in Model United Nations. She believes she is qualified for this position due to many past leadership experiences. For example, she leads her Girl Scout Troop, the Bike-the-Basin non-profit and is the assistant secretary for “Golden Wings” music company, as well as a Y-MUN youth secretariat. Some leadership position she is most proud of however is founder and ceo of her own charity called Stuffed Animal Rescue. She says the charity, “Collects stuffed animals, cleans them, names them, and then redistributes them to people who need them and what they represent.” And she urges those curious to visit the website: . Katherine loves how everyone that comes to Y-MUN is a responsible student, always working hard. She says her favorite memory from conference is getting to talk to some many delegates, hearing their stories, and being inspired by them. Katharine’s role model and best friend is her mother, who inspires her to reach high and help others. Katharine goes on to explain why, when her grandmother was very ill, paralyzed from the neck down, her mother fought the stay to allow her to stay home because the facilities offered were not good enough. Katharine claims that because of her mother, her grandmother was able to stay alive, allowing Katharine to really get to know her. After Katharine’s grandmother unfortunately did pass, her mother did not stop there because she did not want others to go through what they had, so she founded the Caregiver Info Center, a company that works to build big data base of doctors who can come to the home. Katharine enjoys helping out, and is the Officer of Media and Public Relations for the company. In addition to all the volunteer activities Katharine does, she also is the member of the French and Social Studies Honor Societies, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and participates in theater and archery. Katharine’s dream college is Oxford University in England because she thought she wanted to become a writer. However, she claims after Y-MUN she believes she wants to major in National Affairs. In conclusion, Katherine wants to leave all delegates with this, “To individual delegates, I really want to know them. I love meeting people. If they see me around please come up to me. I love hearing other people’s stories and ha
ve them hear mine. I know it’s hard to care to everything single person, there is two thousand people, but they are all individuals with their own story and they are all very interesting. All of us together make up MUN, the wonderful place that it is. I hope I get to meet them in future if get to lead them.”

allieAllie Morgan is from Rancocas Valley High School and going into her third of MUN as a junior. She is qualified to be Secretary General because of her ways to lead both by example and in general. Morgan was previously a karate instructor and is currently the treasurer of Student Council for her school. Her favorite memory from MUN is reoccuring because it is the last day of conference. Walking out and seeing how many friends everyone has made is truly phenomenal. Realizing how much one can learn from conference is truly inspiring to her. It is very much like a, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone,” type of situation to her. Morgan’s role model is the current Sec Gen, Anjali Ravichandran. Allie feels that Anjali came into the position with a purpose and knew how to form MUN in her own way. Also, that she is a very good speaker and Morgan hopes to embody her spirit while running. Outside of MUN Morgan is in many other clubs as well as sports such as National Honors Society, National Honors Spanish Society, Student Council, Vice President of Spanish Club, volleyball, and plays the alto saxophone in her school’s wind and jazz ensemble. This wide variety of clubs shows how experienced she is to become Sec Gen. In college Morgan hopes to major in either Biomedical or Electrical Engineering since she has always had a knack for math as well as science and because she likes how each person has their own interpretation of things. She figures that those kinds of engineering majors are a perfect way to combine politics. Morgan is aspiring to go to the Air Force Academy, Yale, or MIT. Overall, her goal as Secretary General is to bring the voice of the average delegate up the food chain as a way gather feedback and ideas to get future delegates excited for the next year of MUN as soon as conference ends.

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-7-33-16-pmHunter Kramer is from Rancocas Valley and will be going into his third of MUN as a junior. He feels as though him being a people person that anyone can connect with is one of his many qualities that makes him a tough competitor in this race. Having the experience of being the Cross Country captain for his school’s team gives him the leadership experience it takes to be Secretary General. His favorite memory as well as tradition from MUN is that he sleeps in the bathtub every night. One night, there was a fight about who was going to sleep where he decided to take a leader-like role to sleep in the bathtub because he is, “all about trying new things.” Kramer’s role model is Peyton Manning because he does not let anything hold him back from his goals. Manning’s drive for the game after having neck surgery never quivered even when many people were doubting him which is what inspires Kramer the most. The activities he does outside of MUN include Cross Country (three years), Track (three years), Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), and Student Council. However, he is most proud of a club called Devils Making a Difference which selects individuals to become leaders. Because the only way to get in is by being hand selected from the whole school, it shows how qualified Kramer is to be Secretary General. When college rolls around he is hoping to major in Political Science and Law. He hopes to go to Wake Forest, West Point, or Georgetown. Since he was 10 years old, it has been his dream to become the President of the United States he knows that MUN will lead him in the right direction. In his free time, Kramer likes to make inspirational Snapchat stories in able to inspire everyone to be the best they can be.