Welcome to the YMCA Model United Nations Program! Our program is designed to introduce students to the operation and structure of the United Nations while providing them with an opportunity to actively learn about world cultures and debate issues of international importance. Students will actively participate in conflict resolution, public speaking, and coalition building, in addition to making new friends and being exposed to new ideas. The program promotes leadership through character development, while introducing students to a vast array of ideas.

The YMCA Model United Nations Program (Y-MUN) is a loose interpretation of the United Nations in New York City. Although not every committee is an exact simulation of the United Nations, the intent of the program is to provide high school students with the opportunity to simulate the debate and problem solving that occurs at the United Nations in an atmosphere that promotes respect for people of differing views. In order to create this environment, Y-MUN features several diverse components to challenge high school participants.

The “Chief Executive Officer” of both the United Nations and Y-MUN is the Secretary General. At Y-MUN, the delegates attending the conference one year in advance elect the Secretary General. The Secretary General in conjunction with the presiding Officers, Youth Secretariat, and the Program Staff develop, plan, and run Y-MUN.