One of the unique features of Y-MUN compared to other similar programs is that the program is student-run.  There are many roles available for student leaders throughout the program, including:

Secretary General: The Secretary General is the chief executive of the conference. He or she is elected as a junior in high school at the previous year’s conference to serve his or her term as a senior in high school. The Secretary General has a variety of responsibilities, including coordinating the efforts of the elected officers, developing the discussion topics, and mediating any and all international disputes at conference. To learn more about the position and the application process, please visit this page.

Officers: At the end of the Y-MUN conference, each committee elects officers to lead the committee for the following year.  The group of officers works with the Secretary General and the program staff to develop discussion topics and plan the conference (through attendance at an annual officers’ retreat held in March and several meetings and conference calls throughout the year).  At conference, the committee chair is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the smooth procedural operation of their respective committee.  Students are given a unique opportunity to learn about leading their peers and working with others in a dynamic, team-oriented setting, a feature that sets Y-MUN apart from other high school programs. Please visit each individual committee’s page to learn more about student leaders.

Youth Secretariat: The Youth Secretariat is the planning and recruitment committee of Y-MUN. Youth Secretariat members are responsible for helping recruit new members to their delegation and are trained in conference procedure and structure. They also relay all pertinent information to their delegations and facilitate delegation meetings during the conference.  Youth Secretariat members are in contact with the conference staff throughout the course of the year. Members are selected by the delegation advisor to represent their delegation. Youth Secretariat members will be appointed at the close of the conference each year. Each member serves for the conference year they are appointed. Please visit this page for more information.