Each candidate has written a letter and created a video greeting for the delegates to get to know them. Candidate statements are unedited. To view a candidate’s video, click their photo.



Nivriti Agaram, Monroe

What is the purpose of appointing a new Secretary General every conference if the platform for which they are elected upon simply gets replaced the next year? I am running to revolutionize our conference with ideas that will remain past the 2022 event. My platform includes continuing Selam Ambaw’s legacy, upholding the YMCA’s four core values, dedicating myself to servant leadership, amplifying the needs of First Years, uniting YAG with MUN, and eliminating “Death Session”. It would be a shame for Selam’s platform to be discontinued when it resonated with the majority vote of delegates last year. I will continue to press for civic engagement beyond conference by leading a second year of Advocacy Week and advocating that nonpartisan voter education and registration be integrated into the MUN agenda. To engage delegates, I will provide internship, study abroad, and exchange program opportunities, which I have already begun to research via the American Foreign Services Association, as well as connect them with alumni working in business, medicine, law, information technology, etcetera. With this being said, I will pay homage to the roots of MUN and the four core values : caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. I will gift delegates self-care packages whose contents depend on funding and whether the event is virtual or not. Second, I will propose a committee activity in which delegates reflect on new ideologies they have been exposed to from the views of different countries and how they can apply them to their own values. Third, I will respect the preparation delegates put into MUN by fostering more opportunities to be recognized for a well-written GRP. Fourth, I plan to exercise responsibility by being a servant leader instead of a traditional one. Moving on, I will amplify the needs of First Years by creating a group chat with just them and Youth Secretariats via a messaging app like Telegram. YS’s do a great job of preparing delegates for conference, but what happens when a First Year can’t find what room they’re supposed to go, or in this year’s case, what their Zoom code is? The little moments all delegates experience as First Years when they feel too embarrassed to ask for help can be solved with this group chat. Next, I will Youth & Government with MUN in a free event at the beginning of the school year. The skills delegates learn in these sister clubs are not exclusive ; Learning the logistics of bill writing will help MUN delegates make more feasible resolutions while understanding the compromise it takes to write resolutions will help YAG delegates understand how they must consider their bill’s impact on their entire state. Lastly, I plan to eliminate the phenomenon of “Death Session” and make conference more engaging by developing controversial discussion topics. Even though this all may seem like word vomit, it is apparent that I am running, because I have a plan. With my ideas, we will be ready for conference every year, virtual or not, with creative ideas to fuel it. 

Justin Anderson, Westfield

On January 4, 2019, I walked into the Hershey Lodge for my first Model UN conference as a freshman. I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do. I didn’t have my Country Research Paper printed, I didn’t bring a computer, I didn’t have any close friends in my committee, and, in all honestly, I didn’t know a ton about my country. Truthfully, I’ve never really been a shy kid, but I can assure you I was nervous and felt very underprepared for the perfectionist I strive to be. And I’m sure many delegates are feeling the same way this weekend, as we begin conference.

I walked into my country caucus room, after taking many trips down the wrong hallway, and during this time met two experienced delegates who were going to be in my committee starting later that day and throughout the weekend. They were some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, characteristic of this program, and we all walked to our committee session together later. During unmoderated caucus, when I had no idea what a resolution was, they invited me to co-author their resolution which passed later that day. Just two days later, I ended up running to be an officer, and now here I am, two years later, running for Secretary General.

I am a firm believer that I would not be nearly as far into these programs without them and their help and encouragement. If it wasn’t for them, who knows? I might have never gotten the opportunity to write a resolution and feel as comfortable as I did. I might not have even returned to conference, nevermind spend several hours every month to help prepare conference with some of my newest best friends.

It is my goal to be that same mentor for new delegates: to make them feel as welcomed and encouraged as I was. After all, it is the people here that make conference so special. I understand that this year looks very different than a typical year and that no one knows what next year will hold. A year ago, I could have never predicted we wouldn’t be returning to the Hershey Lodge, but I am grateful for all of the new opportunities in store this year. For this reason, I am hesitant to make any firm promises, but my primary goal is to ensure that delegates remain as connected as possible with each other, from before, during, and after conference. I find that debate and conference as a whole is strongly enhanced when a committee feels comfortable with each other. The earlier we can foster that respect and friendship, the higher quality conference will be, start to end. It would be an absolute honor to serve as Secretary General for the 2022 conference and I promise that I will not let you down!