Youth Secretariat: The Youth Secretariats (YS) are charged with preparing delegates for conference. The YS range from 2nd to 4th year delegates and serve as liaisons between the delegations and the Officers. We ask that each delegation designate one underclassmen and one upperclassmen – two in total. For delegations that cover multiple schools, we are happy to make additional accommodations.

YS are tasked with many responsibilities, including preparing delegates for debate by reviewing Parliamentary Procedure, aiding in pre-conference research, and communicating any delegation issues that may have arisen.

The Youth Secretariat mission statement is: “Youth Secretariats are role models in both action and communication, charged with preparing delegates for conference and working to improve the conference experience for all through feedback between the program and the delegations.”

Each YS is assigned a Lead YS, an experienced YS who works closely with the Officer Corps, to better represent the delegates.