The step-by-step process listed below gives an overview of the major milestones and steps necessary to run a successful delegation.

Step 1: Form a delegation (August – November 1st):

  • A group of students (minimum of 6) interested in participating in the program along with a teacher or other adult is all that is required to form a delegation.  You can start forming your delegation as early as the beginning of the summer!  Use this time to recruit new delegates and get in touch with those who may have participated in the past.
  • Contact YMCA Executive Director Corrien Elmore-Stratton ( or Program Director Alex Wolkomir ( if you are a new delegation who needs help setting up and navigating Y-MUN
  • Contact YMCA Executive Director Corrien Elmore-Stratton ( or Program Director Alex Wolkomir ( to confirm attendance

Step 2: Register and request assignments (August – November 1st):

  • Students & advisors should review the various committees and topics on program website to identify their preference
  • The advisor should collect a list of students who want to participate
  • The registration system will go live in mid-September, per communications from conference staff
  • Advisor will register their delegates on  by selecting “Registration”
  • Create a Delegation Account (contact for “authentication key” if needed)
  • Enter number of delegates under “Request Spots”
  • Enter students’ preferences under “Manage Delegations”.  Please split your delegation request into the following minimum %’s (excluding officers):
    • 40% in GA Subcommittees (i.e., Legal, Pol-Sec, Soc-Hum etc.)
    • 25% in General Assembly
    • 15% in Specialized Committees (Security Council, HSC, NBC, ICC, ICJ, Press)
    • ICJ and ICC: must request teams of (4) students
    • 10% in Blocs (i.e. African Summit, Asian Summit, Middle Eastern and North African Summit, European Summit, Pan-American Summit)
  • Mail conference fee deposits ($100 per student/advisor) to the program office:

YMCA Model UN Program

YMCA of Burlington & Camden Counties

59 Centerton Road

Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Step 3: Receive assignments & begin research (August – November 1st):

  • The program staff will process your committee and country assignments within a week of the request – usually even sooner.
  • Log on to “Manage Delegations”, and you will see your country and committee assignments with authentication codes for each spot. Give each student the code that corresponds to the spot to which you want to assign them.
  • Students must use this code to register for the spot and provide all needed conference information. This account will be used to submit assignments as well.
  • Students should research their assigned countries and committee topics to complete their “Country Research Paper” (CRP) or appropriate committee document (i.e., ICC/ICJ-briefs; Press-Press Assignments)
  • Note that ICC and ICJ will have a Mock Session on November 12th. More details will follow.
  • Students can create and edit their CRPs until December 1st at 11pm.

Step 4: Final Document Submissions (December 1st):

  • Students submit (online):
    • CRPs-GA, GA Subcommittees, Blocs, Security Council, NGF, and Historical Security Council
    • Briefs –  ICC, ICJ
    • Press Assignments –  Written & Video press
    • Delegate Credential (online)
  •  Advisors submit:
    • Updated “Delegation Roster” (online)
    • “Hotel Form” (online)
    • Balance of program fees (one check per delegation via mail)
  • Note that Hotel Forms and other system information will be locked as of this date.

Step 5: Prepare for conference (November – January 5th):

  • Students should focus on rules of parliamentary procedure, writing resolutions in groups, public speaking, and participate in mock debates.
  • Advisors should review all conference details with their students including:
    • Transportation details
    • Dress code and packing guidelines
    • Conference schedule and  conduct

Step 6: Attend the Y-MUN conference (January):

  • Plan to arrive to the Hershey Lodge & Convention Center (West Chocolate Avenue & University Drive – Hershey, PA  17033-0446) by 9am for check-in & conference registration.
  • Bring a positive and open mind as delegations from several states come together to debate, learn, and grow.