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Step 0: Download instructions

Please download the detailed instructions and be sure to follow EVERY step. Additionally, please use a personal email address and/or one that receives external email freely to register when possible to ensure your school’s external email rules do not block our communications.

Student Registration Instructions

Our YMCA remains committed to ensuring our programs are accessible to all young people regardless of means or personal situation. If there are any barriers to attendance due to the conference fee, please contact Corrien Elmore-Stratton at to request financial assistance or a scholarship. A team of YMCA professionals separate from our programs objectively evaluates each request individually. We kindly ask that you refrain from registration via the steps below if requesting financial assistance until you receive a response from our organization.

Once you have downloaded the instructions, read the steps below. You can also watch our handy registration video:

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Step 1: Register using instructions

Click this link to get started: Registration System Link

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Please make sure to follow EVERY step outlined in the instructions.

Step 2: Wait maximum 10 business days to receive your assignment information

Our team will process assignments as quickly as possible! We will return assignments within 10 business days – and usually much faster! We appreciate your patience as we process each and every registration.

Step 3: Login to our Conference Management System (CMS) to confirm your slot

Once you receive your assignment, you will get an email to login to our Conference Management System (CMS). Many essential conference activities will happen through this portal – including submission of Government Research Projects (GRPs).

Step 4: Write and submit your a Government Research Projects (GRP) on your country or Brief on your Court Case

For all participants not in one of our court simulations – ICC and ICJ – a Government Research Project (GRP) must be completed and submitted via the CMS. Please see this handy guide to GRPs for further instructions:

Students in the courts – ICC and ICJ – will have a separate assignment to write briefs. The staff working with these students will be in touch with further details on both the scope and submission location.