Registration is now closed for Y-MUN 2021

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Step 1: Register using instructions

Registration is now closed for Y-MUN 2021.

Step 2: Wait to receive your assignment information

All assignments have been shared with participants.

Step 3: Access Google Classroom

Students have received an email with instructions to access Google Classroom for their assigned committee. Delegates in each committee will use Google Classroom to submit pre-conference assignments, collaborate with fellow delegates, and receive information about how to access virtual conference sessions.

Step 4: Write and submit your a Government Research Projects (GRP) on your country or Brief on your Court Case

For all participants not in one of our court simulations – ICC and ICJ – a Government Research Project (GRP) must be completed and submitted via the CMS. Please see this handy guide to GRPs for further instructions.

Students in the courts – ICC and ICJ – will have a separate assignment to write case briefs. The staff working with these students will be in touch with further details.